100+ Python Projects Source Code For Lifetime Learning

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100+ Python Projects Source Code For Lifetime Learning

100+ Python Projects Source Code For Lifetime Learning
Published 8/2022
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Download 100+ python program's source code for lifetime learning and reference.

What you'll learn
The student will be able to code real world applications.
The source code dump would help student to refer as n when required.
Students could also refer and learn to create system, games, utility and other useful programs.
We all require a code written be geek during our learning so as to validate and move forward. This source code dump would help in that persuit.
Need to have basic understanding of Python language.
This is not a python course but it contains source code of many projects that you always look for when creating a full fledged application. Once we learn learn python we always look to create some useful project, at the same time we also want to refer some already created application to see the code and get the required help needed. This course contains a dump of source code that you otherwise would google and collate from different websites or other learning platforms and courses. This is an once stop awesome collection of source code that every python developer must see and code once by his own. It also contains videos in terms of how to run this source code wherever applicable so that you need not worry about code not working or face dependency missing issues while running these source codes. This course contains source code related to game projects, real world utility projects, system programing related scripts and also the short programs that you would be asked as in interviews or you would code while learning the python language as beginner. We often look for source code to see and figure out how something is made by joining little by little different features and this source code dump collection would allow to help in those situations.


Section 1: Utility Programs

Lecture 1 Paint Brush in Python

Lecture 2 Port Scanner Utility

Lecture 3 Zip File Extractor

Lecture 4 Windows Notepad - Clone in Python

Lecture 5 Shopping Cart Application

Lecture 6 Fast Food Restaurant

Lecture 7 Real Time - Currency Calculator

Lecture 8 Basic Calculator

Lecture 9 Simple Paint Brush

Lecture 10 Network Scanner

Lecture 11 Port Scanner

Lecture 12 Unit Convertor

Lecture 13 Simple Image Viewer

Lecture 14 BMI Calculator with GUI

Lecture 15 Basic Alarm Clock

Lecture 16 Digital Clock - GUI Application

Lecture 17 Text to Speech Convertor

Section 2: Game Projects

Lecture 18 Dodge Car Python Game

Lecture 19 Dino Run - A Game made using Python

Lecture 20 Tetris Game Project

Lecture 21 Bounce Game

Lecture 22 Snake and Ladder Game

Lecture 23 F1 Racing Game

Lecture 24 Ludo 2D Game

Lecture 25 Flappy Bird Game

Lecture 26 Snake Game Project

Lecture 27 Simple Traffic Racer Game

Lecture 28 Game of Tank

Lecture 29 Fruit Catcher

Lecture 30 Stickman Game

Lecture 31 Mario Game

Lecture 32 Snake Game

Lecture 33 Aircraft war game

Lecture 34 Simple Chess Game

Lecture 35 Tic Tac Toe with Artificial Intelligence

Lecture 36 Simple Fight Game

Lecture 37 Console Based Ludo Game

Lecture 38 Rock Paper Scissor Game

Lecture 39 Car Race with Strategy Game

Section 3: System Programs

Lecture 40 Open Windows Calculator - Using Python Script

Lecture 41 Shut Down a Windows Machine

Lecture 42 System Information Extractor

Lecture 43 Automate Browser Opening

Lecture 44 ZIP Extractor Program

Lecture 45 Start-Stop PC

Lecture 46 Lock Computer

Lecture 47 MAC Finder

Lecture 48 Public IP Extractor

Lecture 49 Machine Hostname Finder

Section 4: Programs for Absolute Beginners

Lecture 50 Binary Search Algorithm

Lecture 51 Merge Sort Algorithm

Lecture 52 Linear Search Algorithm

Lecture 53 Selection Sort Algorithm

Lecture 54 Bubble Sort Algorithm

Lecture 55 Heap Sort Algorithm

Lecture 56 Generate Palindrome

Lecture 57 Bucket sort algorithm

Lecture 58 Fibonacci series

Lecture 59 Check Prime

Lecture 60 Factorial Generator

Lecture 61 Vowels Count

Lecture 62 Generate Fibonacci Series

Lecture 63 Search Largest Number

Lecture 64 Display Calender

Lecture 65 Decimal to Binary Convertor

Lecture 66 Sum of Natural numbers

Lecture 67 Sorting Alphabetically

Lecture 68 Factorial of a Number

Lecture 69 Decimal Convertor

Lecture 70 Celsius to Fahrenheit Convertor

Lecture 71 Simple Calculator

Lecture 72 Kilometers to Miles Convertor

Lecture 73 Factors Finder

Lecture 74 Card Desk Shuffler

Lecture 75 Show Primes in range of numbers

Lecture 76 Print Multiplication Table

Lecture 77 Swap Variable Values

Lecture 78 Adding two numbers

Lecture 79 Calculate Square Root

Lecture 80 Program to solve Quadratic equation

Lecture 81 GCD Calculator

Lecture 82 Triangle Area Calculator

Lecture 83 Find Numbers Divisible by Another Number

Lecture 84 Leap Year Finder

Lecture 85 Check Even Odd Number

Lecture 86 Matrix Multiplier

Lecture 87 LCM Calculator

Lecture 88 Sum of Natural Numbers

Lecture 89 Matrix Addition Program

Lecture 90 Manipulate String

Lecture 91 Matrix Transpose generator

Lecture 92 Program to Print Something

Lecture 93 ASCII Finder

Lecture 94 Check Armstrong Number

Lecture 95 Check Armstrrg Number between Range

Lecture 96 Random Number Generator

Lecture 97 Display Powers of terms

Lecture 98 Number Type Finder

All the python learners, interns and python beginners to advance level students can refer this course.