Entrepreneurs Navigating a Universe of Disruption

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Entrepreneurs Navigating a Universe of Disruption

Entrepreneurs Navigating a Universe of Disruption by Gerard Anthony Reed
English | EPUB | 2022 | 254 Pages | ISBN : 9811907021 | 16.8 MB

This book details the exploratory stages of a research study that produced a framework for entrepreneurial endeavour and enterprise. It presents an unfolding discussion, throughout its chapters, regarding the entrepreneurial nature potential within us all, and the modes by which those involved in such activity, and associated innovative discoveries, can be informed by the skills and experience already in their possession.
The book also provides, through its structure, a tool by which the entrepreneur, innovator, educator, student or those yet-to-be involved in the entrepreneurial arena can plan for the yet-to-be known eventualities of such endeavour.
The parabolic scramble framework is backgrounded across the discussion of entrepreneurship and the necessity to deal with the tangible and intangibility of any venture, as well as other considered aspects that the entrepreneurial journey engenders.
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