App Design With Adobe Xd

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App Design With Adobe Xd

App Design With Adobe Xd
Last updated 8/2019
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Get into UX design with Adobe's brand new design and prototyping tool

What you'll learn
Build interactive Mobile App and Website prototypes
Share their working app and website prototypes with anyone
Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is needed (or the 30-day free trial version)
Basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop is useful
With Adobe Xd you can quickly visualise app ideas, turning wireframes into interactive, animated prototypes and testing them out on desktop browsers on or your mobile devices. This course teaches you all the features of Adobe Xd by demonstrating a full app design workflow. Downloading the project files you can follow along and create your first working app prototype. You can also learn how to combine Adobe Xd with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and utilise the seamless integration between these creative tools intended to be used in combination.Being able to create your own prototypes gives you ultimate control over the design of an app or website, you can improve the user experience with ease and even have others test out the design to see what they think. This application not only saves you time that would be spent going back and forth between wireframes and mockups, it also allows you to show a client exactly what they are getting much earlier in the creative process.“This is an excellent foray into Adobe XD. I knew nothing about it when I started, now I can use XD to design my own projects.”Thomas Hverring A closer look at what you will learn: Learn the basics of User Experience Design (UXD) and why it became such an important segment of the creative industry with the increased usage and importance of mobile devices.Next up you can learn how to prepare a new project. Master wireframing as well as designing and gathering assets to use.Then it’s all about getting to grips with Adobe Xd. This section will cover Artboards, Drawing, working with Text, Images and loads more! Next it’s time to design your own app by following along with training videos and practise with the included project files. Finally learn about creating transition and interactions to create a working a app prototype. Once you are finished with the course you will have a fully functioning prototype and be ready to create loads more! This course includes: 25 Videos 2.5 Hours of total playtimeDownloadable working files All future updates to Adobe Xd will be included in this course for no extra paymentEstimated finish time: 5 hours (including finishing all exercises)Completion certificate upon finishing the entire course‘Being a hands-on learner, I enjoyed following along with the instructor and creating the project with the supplied exercise files. Thorough start to finish instructions. I feel confident now to start my own app prototypes.’Janine Eisner-WallMartin is an Adobe Certified Instructor – voted as one of the Top 10 Adobe instructors in the world – with years of experience teaching in classrooms, seminars and webinars. He also worked professionally in the creative industry for over 10 years on a wide range of projects for clients such as Disney, Accenture, Mattel, etc.Who will find it useful:Those who are brand new to Adobe Xd and want to learn from the basics.Anyone who would like a professional career in UX/UI design.Existing creative professionals who are looking to grow their knowledge/transition into these areas.Anyone who has an idea for a potential application they would like to bring to life. Anyone who is interested in the future of prototyping. Skills you will gainUnderstanding core concepts and rules of user experience designTurning wireframes into engaging screen layoutsBuilding a fully functioning app prototype by adding interactions, transitions and animationsBeing able to share your prototype with others and ask for their comments.Stay ahead of the game and master Adobe Xd by enrolling to this course today!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is UXD?

Lecture 3 Meet Adobe Xd

Lecture 4 Project files

Lecture 5 Adobe Xd templates

Section 2: Preparation

Lecture 6 Wireframing

Lecture 7 Designing assets

Lecture 8 Gathering assets

Section 3: Getting to grips with Adobe Xd

Lecture 9 Artboards

Lecture 10 Drawing shapes

Lecture 11 Drawing with the Pen Tool

Lecture 12 Working with text

Lecture 13 Working with images

Lecture 14 Compositions of elements

Lecture 15 Components

Section 4: Designing the App

Lecture 16 Home screen

Lecture 17 Features screen

Lecture 18 Feature description screens

Lecture 19 Character screens

Section 5: Prototyping the App

Lecture 20 Setting up interactions

Lecture 21 Additional interactions

Lecture 22 Recording and testing interactions

Lecture 23 Multiple screen sizes and orientation

Lecture 24 Exporting the project

Lecture 25 Creating an animated mockup

Lecture 26 Sharing the project

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 27 Conclusion

Anyone who wants to learn about UX (user experience) design,Anyone interested to learn a new skill that is extremely high in demand in the creative industry,Anyone wanting to get into the digital design industry