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Business Polish: Phrasebook: Learn 1000 essential phrases

Posted By: Free butterfly
Business Polish: Phrasebook: Learn 1000 essential phrases

Business Polish: Phrasebook: Learn 1000 essential phrases by Blangly
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09XFHRPB3 | 165 pages | EPUB | 0.18 Mb

Business Polish Phrasebook by Blangly gives you over 1,000 essential phrases to help you express yourself freely in any business situation.
Phrases are divided into 20 hand-picked business topics that cover all aspects of communication in the office – from department-specific vocabulary, such as Marketing, Sales, Finance and Logistics; to situation-related themes like Negotiations, Leadership, and Managing Conflict.
The phrasebook was designed by professionals with vast experience in Polish-speaking companies, and contains only useful, up-to-date expressions used among office employees on a daily basis.
While most business language courses focus solely on formal language, in reality, in the majority of Polish-speaking offices, employees call each other by their first names. This is why Blangly uses the right mix of formal and informal language, depending on the situation. Just like in a real-life business setting.
Blangly was designed to be the last book on Business Polish you will ever need. We hope that it will help you achieve your professional goals, whether it’s fast-tracking your international career, landing a dream job in Poland, or impressing your colleagues and customers with flawless Polish. Good luck!
Speak Business Polish with confidence!
- Over one thousand essential phrases
- 20 topics covering all aspects of business communication
- Only relevant, up-to-date vocabulary
- The right mix of formal and informal language
- Real Business Polish phrasebook designed by experienced professionals
Example sentences:
► Przyjrzyjcie się rozwojowi naszego lejka sprzedażowego w ciągu ostatnich kilku miesięcy.
Take a look at the development of our sales funnel in the past few months.
► Nasze koszty okazały się o wiele wyższe niż początkowo zakładaliśmy.
Our costs ended up being way higher than we initially expected.
► Nie wysuwajmy jeszcze żadnych wnioskуw.
Let’s not jump to any conclusions just yet.
► Zawsze potrafię znaleźć rozwiązanie, nawet wbrew wszelkim trudnościom.
I’m always able to find a solution, even against all odds.
► Czy miał Pan już okazję przeczytać umowę?
Have you had a chance to read the contract yet?
► Wierzę, że jestem gotowy, by wziąć na siebie większą odpowiedzialność.
I believe I am ready to take on more responsibilities.
► Muszę przyznać, że jej umiejętności prezentowania są bardzo imponujące.
I must say, her presentation skills are very impressive.
► Lekki spadek w okolicach grudnia jest spowodowany sezonem świątecznym.
The slight drop around December is due to the holiday season.
► Myślę, że nie był zadowolony z rezultatуw projektu.
I think he wasn’t happy with the results of the project.
► Każdy projekt, ktуry nie ma jasno określonego zakresu, jest skazany na porażkę.
Any project that doesn’t have a clear scope is doomed to fail.
► Następnym razem, gdy będziesz miał na sobie krуtkie spodenki, pamiętaj, żeby nie wstawać.
Next time you are wearing shorts, remember not to stand up.
► To mуgł być e-mail.
This could have been an email.
1. Meetings & Calls
2. Business Presentations
3. Daily Operations
4. Giving Feedback
5. Managing Conflict
6. Job Interview
7. Human Resources
8. Leadership
9. Strategy & Vision
10. Companies & Markets
11. Marketing
12. Sales
13. Negotiations
14. Customer Service
15. Reporting & Data Analysis
16. Project Management
17. Computers & Technology
18. Product & Manufacturing
19. Logistics
20. Finance

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